SxS-Brand Competition-Grade Apparel

Rowing Shell with Crew Team Apparel
We know rowing apparel like no other company in the business.

Since 1987, SewSporty has been manufacturing the absolute finest rowing apparel in the world for teams and clubs across the country. This year, we're proud to introduce our SxS-Brand competition-grade rowing apparel collection. It's tough as nails, guaranteed for life, and every bit the comfort, fit, and finish you've come to expect from SewSporty.

Each item in our SxS line features our 'crossed-oars' logo and has been designed specifically to endure the rigors of training and harsh elements while still remaining the most comfortable rowing apparel you'll ever wear.


Rowing Trou Shorts Women's Rowing Tank Top Sassy Strap Rowing Warm-up Shirt Crew
SxS Rowing Trous Women's SxS Tank Tops SxS Warm-Up Shirts


Each of our SxS items is available for customization by your team; quality and style designed specifically for your crew. We offer free design services, free team stores, and exceptional customer service. Why not get started today?