Fundraising Programs

Crew and Rowing Fundraising Program

SewSporty offers two different, simple, effective fundraising options for your team, club, or rowing organization.

Option A – "Race Day" Package – Regatta & Event Fundraising Package – Raise $1000 to $2000*

Designed for event day fundraising, this package allows your organization the opportunity to sell 200 pieces of rowing-themed apparel including our popular t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and competition-grade SxS performance gear. The plan is simple: We ship an entire package of great gear (at no up-front cost to you) directly to your organization one week before your event, you sell as much as possible at your event, then return the unsold items to us after the event keeping the all profit above the cost. Click here to book a "Race Day Package" for your event!

Event Fundraising Advantages:
* No Risk. No Up-Front Payment
* 200 Total Apparel Items + Accessories
* Awesome Variety of Styles, Sizes, Colors
* Pre-Priced, Pre-Tagged, Ready to Sell
* Includes Simple Sales Worksheet & Guidance
* Limited Availability. Calendar Fills Fast. Book now!


Option B – "Fast Track" Program – Electronic Team Store Fundraising Drive – Raise $500 to $1000*

Designed for rowing teams and clubs with an existing SewSporty team store, our "Fast Track" Program offers the opportunity to earn up to 20% on all spirit-wear sales from your online team store. Available up to twice a year per organization, your team sets a sales goal, sets a fundraising timeframe (up to 7 days), and promotes the fundraising drive at team meetings, by email, or via social media. When the fundraising drive is over, we send you a check!

"Fast Track" Fundraising Advantages:
* No Risk. Free Team Store (Need one?)
* Earn Up to 20% on all Spirit-Wear
* No Pre-Order or Pre-Payment Required
* Free Shipping to Team Coordinator
* Assistance with Team Email Outreach
* Includes Fundraising Guide & Assistance
* Simple to Get Started. Click here!

Real Results for Teams Just Like Your Crew
"Our team raised over $500 by utilizing SewSporty's FastTrack Fundraiser! With other vendors, our team had been struggling with how best to manage spirit-wear sales and fundraising. SewSporty quickly set up..." [Read more]

* Fundraising goals listed above are estimates; your team may raise more (or less) depending on size of team and average order. Please contact us at 800-765-6277 for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!